Best Headphones for Running & Working Out? Motorola S305 Review

Best Headphones for Running & Working Out? Motorola S305 Review

Today I have a review of the best headphones for running and working out. So this is just my personal opinion of the best headphones for running and working out. These are the Motorola S305 Bluetooth headphones and of course you have to have Bluetooth on your device to use these. But the Bluetooth feature is one of the main features that makes it the best in my opinion because once you get rid of the cords and wires you never want to go back to a wired headset. You'll always want to have wireless especially when you're running and working out. Now the Motorola S305 Bluetooth headphones are very affordable. You can get them on Amazon for $34, and I've been using this exact same Bluetooth headset for almost 3 years now. Never had a problem with it. That's why I can recommend it as the best headphones for running and working out. And I'll put the link to the best price on Amazon for these headphones right in the description below. Let's get right into this review. Let's go over what I love about these headphones. Of course number one they are Bluetooth so no cords, no wires.

That is a definite plus. Now since these are Bluetooth headphones they do run on battery, and I've never had a problem with the battery life with these. I only have to charge them about once a week so I get about 5 to 6 hours out of these. And I could get more. I don't know. I haven't really tried it because I just charge it once a week, and I use them about five hours a week. I've had these for over 2 years and the battery life still is as long as it was when I first got these. Also they do charge very quickly too.

That's another good thing. So when you plug these in to charge they will charge very quickly. You don't have to leave them plugged in for a long amount of time for them to get their charge built back up. Now the sound quality on these is fairly good for the size. These are quite small. Of course they're not professional studio quality headphones. They're made for working out. They're made for durability and portability. So you're not going to get extreme high-quality studio sound from these headphones, but they are good enough for working out, for workout music, for running music, for podcasts.

I mean it has fairly good sound quality. You can pump these up quite a bit so they do get really loud. I've never even reached the full loudness on these things. So you will not have a problem with it being loud enough or too quiet if you're in a noisy gym or some place in a noisy environment when you're running. I've never had a problem with that. The sound quality and loudness is very good. These headphones are faily comfortable. They have a snug fit. They're not going to shake or rattle off or fall off easily when you're running or doing any type of high intensity activity.

So the comfort ability is good. Now if you plan on wearing these for a long period of time for over an hour, up to two hours or more they will get kind of painful on your ears if you leave them in the same position. But if you just adjust them around a little bit on your ears, tilt them up or back, they'll fit in a new position and they won't bother you as much. But I usually wear them just about an hour and a half, up to an hour and half each time and I have no problem with it. They're pretty comfortable. They also have a built in microphone on these too. As well as built-in controls on the headset themselves so it has the power on button, and also has volume up volume down buttons. It has play and pause button, has a call answer button, and skip back and skip forward buttons as well. So and all the controls are on the right side of the headset. So that is very convenient if you if you are listening to music on your phone and somebody calls in you can it goes directly to this and it picks it up.

You can talk directly with these on without having a phone up close to your mouth because it has that built in microphone. And then you can also control your music from the headphones themselves which is extremely awesome. These headphones are extremely durable. I've had mine for almost 3 years. Never had a problem with them. I've thrown them across the basketball gym floor many times. Just you know I slid them across the floor to get them out of the way. Then they still work perfectly to this day. They are very lightweight. They're very flexible. Don't mistake the thinness of these headphones as just cheapness because the thinness makes them very flexible so you can bend them any way you want them to get them comfortable.

Now I'm not a very sweaty guy so I don't know how well these do when you are sweating profusely but I've read other reviews on these headphones and they said that they it handles sweat pretty well. And the foam on the headphones themselves they I've never had a problem with those either. They're still intact so if you're looking for the best headphones for running and working out I do recommend these headphones. The Motorola S305, $34 right now on Amazon. The link is in the description below. So I hope you enjoyed the review. Make sure you get a pair of these. They're extremely affordable and they do make working out and running easier and more fun.
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