I like the LG G6 more than the Galaxy S8

I like the LG G6 more than the Galaxy S8

It was way better than the G5, better than the G4, just an all-round awesome phone. But when you compare it to the S8, it's pretty easy to dismiss the G6 as the weaker phone, just because the design is more conservative, and the hardware specs are weaker. It is cheaper, but a lot of the reviewers are kinda coming to that conclusion/question of, "Yeah the G6 is good, but is it good enough to purchase over the S8?" Now, I'm just trying to say, that if I had to spend my own money on either of these phones, it would be the G6, and here's why.

I'm the type of user, and I guess it's kinda weird because I do tech reviews, but when it comes to smartphones, specs don't matter that much to me. If a phone has good usability, and it's really good for what I use my phone for, I'm really happy. But if it has top-of-the-line specs- and it's not very good at doing the bread and butter stuff that I need my phone to do, I'm not going to be happy. And the G6 is better at doing the stuff I want to do than the S8 is.

Okay, when I turn on the phone, the facial recognition and the iris stuff works great on the S8, but I still prefer the fingerprint sensor. I unlock my phone when I'm walking the street or when I'm lying in bed or waking up, and I just prefer to hold the phone instead of bringing it up to my face. The G6 has a better location of the fingerprint sensor. The S8, it's fine, it's just not as good. Secondly is the camera. Both have amazing cameras, but on the G6, I like the wide-angle thing, especially with that front-facing camera. I used to think wide-angle stuff was kind of a gimmick, but there are times when I want to get a wide-angle shot, and the G6 does it well. It's not every photo that I want to do this with, but the fact that I have the option is nice to me. Photos on the G6 are a bit over-saturated, you can always shoot it in manual, but overall, really great photos. Now if I zoom in and really stare at the pixels, I would say the S8 is marginally better, but for what I use my smartphone for, the occasional wide-angle functionality just wins it for me.

In terms of battery life, the G6 has a bigger battery, but it's also a less-efficient processor than the S8, so battery life felt very similar between them, both have enough battery for a full day of use. Okay, the screen, without a doubt, the infinity screen is, like, the golden feature of the S8. It looks incredible in videos, and it looks even better in real life. It's awesome. The G6 also has a tall screen, it doesn't look as glamorous, but it's also a looker. Taller screens like these are great for multitasking, and having that extra screen real estate is nice. But here's the thing: the curved screen on the S8 is not for me.

I know it looks really cool, but I just don't like using it. They did a great job this year with the frame to make that edge way nicer to hold than the S7 Edge, and the palm-rejection is also much improved, but a curved screen is still a curved screen, and media consumption on that is undeniably not awesome. Distortion on the edge just looks weird. The G6 gives you that big screen without the curve. That's not as elegant, and it doesn't look nearly as space age or sleek, but functionally, it's better.

The phone fits in my hands better, my eyes appreciate the flat screen more, and it's just straight up practical. A curved screen looks super cool, but just has no purpose on a phone. And this kinda ties into my last thing: the ergonomics. The S8 feels nice, it's a big step up from the S7 Edge, way nicer frame, but when you hold it, I feel like I have to baby it. It feels delicate. And even though it's comfortable to hold, it doesn't feel like I have a solid grip on the phone. The G6 gives the user a much better grip. It's beefier, and it's just a more solid feel to the phone. And when I take this thing in and out of my pocket, 10, 20 times a day, I just much prefer the way that the G6 physically handles. Now there are some things I don't like. For most Android phones, the colors on the screen are a little over-saturated, the G6 isn't amped up like crazy, but LG doesn't have software to adjust this.

You can shift the color, but it's always going to have that heavier saturation. Secondly, the headphone jack up on the top. I use wireless headphones most of the time, but I've always preferred audio jacks on the bottom. And the DAC in here is just, like, your standard audio quality. The G6 in Korea, or just certain parts of Asia, will have the higher-quality DAC, but in North America, we're getting boned. The third thing is the price, I think it's priced a little high. In terms of just raw value, when you exclude all the pre-order incentives, I think the S8 has better value. With the G6, there are no headphones in the box. The S8 is a little bit more expensive, but you're getting headphones and more storage. So it's kinda weird to think that a Samsung flagship at $750 is a better deal, but in comparison to this, I think it has slightly better value.

Alright, just to close off here, I'm not ripping on the Galaxy S8. I think it's a fantastic phone, I think the hardware is phenomenal. But I don't think that everyone's kind of usage case is the exact same thing. I think a lot of reviewers are painting the S8 as just like, "The best phone, it just trumps the G6." I disagree. For some people, myself included, the G6 is going to be a better phone just because of the user experience. And here's the thing, we're getting to that point where Android phones, like the flagship Android phones, are reaching, like, feature parody. They all have the exact same kind of performance and have just amazing cameras in these really nice builds. So what separates them apart? User experience.
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