LG G6 Review: TOP 5 FEATURES! Best Smartphone of 2017

LG G6 Review: TOP 5 FEATURES! Best Smartphone of 2017

We've got a brand new Android device, just announced right now actually, over in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress. It is the LG G6. So there's a lot to be excited about here with the LG G6. The company did make some major changes, especially when compared to last year's LG G5, and what I want us to do in this video, since they were able to send over a pre-released unit, is give you a rundown of what I think are the top five features of the LG G6. Now, of course, I'll hit you with my final review, my full review of the LG G6 once they send retail units out, but for now, using this pre-release unit, we're able to get a good comfortable look and feel at what the final version is gonna bring to the table. So let's get started with my top five picks for the best features of the LG G6, starting with the design of the body.

Now, this one's just a quick one, but I do think it's pretty significant. The design of this device is beautiful. You've got a metal and glass look and feel to it. In fact, the metal is around the bezel of the device, and that's also where the antenna break lines are located. Then on the back, you've got a glass panel right there. Nice and smooth. It looks really good. It is a little bit of a fingerprint magnet though, but wipe it on your t-shirt or whatever, and those go away. As you can also see, the camera is flush to the body. I don't really mind the camera bumps. A lot of people, or at least a lot of reviewers, always tend to harp on the camera bump. I don't think it's that big a deal on any smartphone really, but if you're someone who cared about that, it's cool to see that the LG G6 is completely flat on the back despite having a dual camera setup, two cameras there on the back. You've still got a nice, flat back. No camera bump here. So yes, I'm a big fan of the design, the build quality of the LG G6. I like the look. I like that it doesn't have that awkward break anymore because it's no longer modular, so you can't just take out the battery. In fact, the battery's stuck in there, due to feature number two. Now, you're losing the removable battery, but you're gaining waterproofing. This is something that LG has never been able to accomplish with those removable batteries that they've always been known for. But I think nowadays, we're in a day and age where battery capacity has grown so much, and people always have a place to charge, whether you're at the office, at home, in the car, on the go.

There's also a bunch of portable power banks out there, so you really don't have to be somewhere where you can't charge, especially if you just throw a power bank into your bag and plug in your phone right there. So you lose the removable battery, but what you gain instead is a completely sealed device, which means it is now water-resistant. So you can get it wet. IP68 water resistant. It can go down to about a meter and a half of water and stay there for 30 minutes without getting damaged. That's what IP68 means. Now, I'm not gonna go test that out. I wouldn't recommend you do that either, but it does mean that if it does get wet, whether you're out in the rain or you drop it in a puddle, or drop it anywhere else in water, you should be able to fish it out, rinse it off, and not have the LG G6 not be affected by that at all. Now, let's jump into feature number three, and it's probably the feature that's most obvious when you pick this phone up, and that is this gorgeous, large, almost completely bezel-less display. So there's a few things about this display that I wanna point out. First of all, it's inches corner-to-corner. The corners are rounded, which gives it a nice, interesting, cool, futuristic look to it, and what's super interesting about this, since the bezels are so small and the sides are not tapered, or they're very, very slightly tapered, is that this device, with its 5.7-inch display, is very much smaller than my iPhone 7 Plus, which has a 5.5-inch display. So, larger display than the iPhone 7 Plus, but smaller device, and it's much more comfortable holding this one in the hand than the iPhone 7 Plus. Now the other interesting thing about the display on the G6 is that it's an 18 by nine display. Usually we see 16 by nine.

We've seen 16 by nine widescreen aspect ratios. This is 18 by nine, and what that means is it's twice as long as it is wide. So it's still a rectangle, obviously, as you can see, but it's a rectangle compromised of two equally sized nine by nine square. That space comes into place when you're looking at different elements throughout the operating system. So, for example, there's a square mode in the camera, where it actually split the screen in half, with one square being your viewfinder for your photos, and the other square showing you pictures as you take them. So you've got your live preview on top, and then the picture that you take right on the bottom. As soon as you take it, it shows up on the screen while your viewfinder is still there. It is a little bit longer than your typical display, again, because it's 18 by nine instead of 16 by nine, but I haven't found any downsides with that. In fact, it feels just like any other display, just with some added features on it. It looks great, feels good in the hand. Big kudos, big thumbs up to LG on this display. It's amazing. One other great thing about this display is that it supports HDR and even Dolby Vision. That means when you're viewing supported content, you get increased brightness, color, and contrast. I think this is gonna be the year of the bezel-less smartphone. Obviously, there's still gonna be bezels on there. You still need a place to put a camera. You still need a place to put an earpiece. But it's very, very minimal on the top and bottom, and on the sides, they're almost not there at all. Next major feature on the LG G6 that I think deserves attention is the fact that this is the first phone outside of the Google Pixel line to ship or support the Google Assistant. So the Google Assistant is built right into the phone, just like on the Google Pixel, so you can talk to it. Okay Google, what is the weather today? - [Google Assistant] There will be rain and snow today in Mill Creek with a forecasted high of 42 and a low of 35. It's 41 with rain. - There you go.

So Google Assistant built right in. It's a pretty popular feature on the Google Pixel line. It also ships with the Google Home. That's Google's virtual assistant speaker similar to the Amazon Alexa speaker, but we haven't seen the Google Assistant on any other smartphone until now. So again, Google Assistant built in. OK Google is built in here as well. The Google Assistant works with LG's built-in apps, letting you get fast answers, manage your everyday tasks, enjoy music and video, and of course search from the device more quickly and efficiently. So it makes it really nice and easy to get that information you're looking for, thanks to the help of the Google Assistant. And last but certainly not least, I already mentioned them a little bit earlier. It's this dual camera system that you find on the back. So last year, with the LG G5, and even with the LG V20, those also had dual camera systems. But the problem was you have one regular camera, and you have one wide-angle camera, and the wide-angle camera never watched up spec-wise to the standard camera. Here on the LG G6, they are equal. They are both 13-megapixel shooters. That's both with the standard camera and the wide-angle lens, and both take tremendous pictures. Now, on the back, the standard camera does sport Optical Image Stabilization 2.0, according to LG with an f/aperture, while the wide-angle camera does not have Optical Image Stabilization, and it has an f/aperture. Now, you do have a dual flash on back there as well, and again, these cameras are completely flush with the back of the phone. There is no camera bump there at all. Camera improvements are not just relegated to the back, though, because the front camera is also improved. This is a wide-angle lens now, with a 100-degree field of view. Now, I said I was gonna give you my top five features, and those were my top five right there, but there are some honorable mentions that should be called out, which I'll go through real quick before I get out of here. First of all, it does support USB-C, so it charges over USB-C and supports fast charging as well through that port. It also has expandable memory. The LG G6 sports four gigabytes of DDR4 RAM, 32 gigabytes of storage, and supports MicroSD cards up to two terabytes in size. But if you pop out the tray on the right side of the phone, that's where your Micro SIM card goes, and it also supports MicroSD cards. So again, that was your quick, early look at the new LG G6 smartphone. Again, this is just a pre-release unit, so it's not final hardware, so I'm not gonna give you my full and final review until I get the retail hardware in, which should be fairly soon. I wanna send a big shoutout to LG for sending out the LG G6 in this pre-release form, which allowed me to bring you a preview of these features immediately after they announced the phone over at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I wasn't able to be in Barcelona this year because I had a trip to New York last week, and I have to be at Emerald City Comicon at the end of this week. So it was nice to be able to get the hardware in, to be able to play with it a little bit, and give you guys the news as soon as it broke.
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