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Don't lie: you chose to buy the Android phone because of all of the different free Android applications that are available for you to play with. You probably started figuring out which applications (or apps) you wanted to download even before you bought your new phone. The biggest problem that you are facing now is deciding which applications are the most worth your time and phone's disk space. This is why you need us. We sifted through all of the free apps in the Android market to find the best ones. We humbly present what we think are the top free Android applications. You might realize such apps entertaining.
My Coupons is a free Android application developed by a company knows as Most Popular Download and is extremely useful for the thrifty Android user. Android phones come with this free app that allows you to receive coupons to use while shopping or even help you find a free meal deal when hunger strikes you. Cashiers are able to scan barcodes that are displayed on your phone or you can print them from any computer and use them the way ordinary coupons are used. For the thrifty shopper and diner this is by far one of the top free Android applications.
FatSecret's Calorie Counter is another great free Android app. It can be found in the lifestyle section of the Android market. Scan a food item's bar code with your camera and then use the app to look up the nutritional value of that item. It is also helpful in restaurants. The best part of this free Android application is that it allows you to track your food intake. If you have to follow a strict diet, you can use this application to help you make sure that you aren't cheating or breaking your diet. So far so good..
There is nothing more frustrating than being out of the house, deciding that you want to see a movie and then having no way of figuring out what is playing nearby or when it starts. Finding the information you needed probably involved spending a long time trying to use your phone's internet browser to search for the information you needed. Ikamobile Movie Finder is the Android app that saves you all of that hassle. Ikamobile Movie Finder is one of the top free Android applications for movie fans. Not only does it help you figure out which movies are playing near you and their showtimes, it has movie trailers and new release information. Fun right?
Playing with free applications is one form of entertainment a smart phone provides. For people who don't want to break the bank on a smart phone, the Android phone is a terrific smart phone. Sifting through all the free Android applications can take hours, so why not let others do the work for you? When we tried out the free apps attainable on the Android market, these were some of our favorites.
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